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Fixed Annuities with Options to Match Your Retirement Goals

Often thought of as an alternative to investment opportunities that banks offer, fixed annuities are becoming more popular these days. With higher rates than Certificates of Deposits (CDs) with the possibility of deferring taxes, pass through to your heirs and , many people find that a fixed annuity is a better choice than tying up assets in low interest bank investments.

Fixed income annuities available can be purchased for either immediate or future (deferred) retirement income, depending on your current life stage.

Similar to a CD, you can invest lump sums of money in a fixed annuity. Typically you’ll keep your investment in the annuity for a period of 3 to 10 years. The longer the time period of your annuity the higher the interest rates are. Depending on the type of fixed annuity you purchase, you’ll be able to withdraw a set amount without any penalties.  So it’s relatively easy to set up a fixed annuity to yield the right amount you’ll need in income every year.  Plus with the amount of income guaranteed by top rated companies and the safety of your principal, we think fixed annuities are a fit for everyone.

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